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Ever since De Vroedt & Thierry was founded, our style of service has focused on creativity and quality. In this regard, De Vroedt & Thierry only appoints partners who have proven experience in successfully managing or operating a company. In addition, we find it vital that everyone on our team is genuinely interested in the ambitions, motivational needs and personality traits of the talents and customers whom we support. This means they are not only keen on asking relevant questions but on asking the question behind the question. Our firm’s partners, consultants and other team members are driven by purpose (intrinsically wanting to contribute to today’s relevant challenges), professionalism, passion and a personal approach.


  • Ralf Knegtmans Managing Partner

    Ralf Knegtmans is Managing Partner and co-owner of De Vroedt & Thierry. He is fascinated by talent, diversity and leadership and closely follows developments in these areas. Over the past 10 years, he has published five management books. (…)

  • Jacques Kuyf Partner

    In addition to his executive search activities, Jacques Kuyf is active as a strategic advisor and supervisory board member. He has a broad background in the corporate, marketing and media world, among others. In the 1990s, he led (…)

  • Lisette Heemskerk Associate partner

    Lisette Heemskerk has broad experience in leading and transforming companies in the media, culture and entertainment sector, with a special focus on strategic development and innovative media. (…)

  • Eran Lahat Associate partner

    Eran Lahat was born in the Netherlands and spent his childhood Israel. After his education at the International Hotel Management School the Hague, he went into executive search. First for a renowned Dutch agency, followed by an international company specialising (…)

  • Kees Donkervoort Associate Partner Health

    In addition to his work with De Vroedt & Thierry Health, Kees Donkervoort is also active as a supervisory board member. After a successful career in business, he has been working in healthcare for the last 20 years. In 1999 he started his (…)

  • Mirjam Speelmans Associate Partner Health

    Mirjam Speelmans has a positive attitude towards life. She is optimistic, versatile, critical and a strong connector. The themes “leadership”, “development” and “growth” have been central throughout her career. In addition to her role at (…)

  • Gabriëlle van Heteren Senior Consultant

    Gabriëlle van Heteren is a Senior Consultant at De Vroedt & Thierry. In addition, she spent the last 10 years as a co-creator, researcher and co-editor of books on (top) talent, leadership and diversity for our company. (…)

  • Irene Verbaan Office Manager

    After her Schoevers training as Executive Secretary, Irene began her first job at Bosal Nederland. In 2018, Irene made the transition from the medical world to the business environment and ended up at De Vroedt & Thierry. (…)

  • Liesbeth Houtman Office Manager

    Liesbeth Houtman has been an Office Manager at De Vroedt & Thierry since 2014. During her time at KLM’s HR department, she learned how important it is for everyone to get the best out of themselves. There is no single best job for everyone. (…)


  • Mark Karelse Leadership Consultancy and Executive Coach, affiliated with De Vroedt & Thierry

    After a significant career as International HR Executive, Mark Karelse embarked on his journey to launch Adapt2Grow, a consultancy practice with passion for the People side of Change. (…)

Having a curious and open attitude by nature is a precondition for being successful in this profession and for working at De Vroedt & Thierry. The employees of De Vroedt & Thierry thoroughly study the business case and context of your organisation. Based on the skills, motivational needs and personality traits of potential candidates, they can assess whether a candidate qualifies for the role in question.

We are therefore a trusted advisor who wants to help you to be future proof. In an objective and validated way, our team not only helps you in selecting the talent that fits the context, but can also help you to learn how to select better.

We would be pleased to discuss with you how we work and what our expertise can mean for your organisation in a personal and confidential conversation.

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