Agile talent: solution for a

significantly changing world

Agile talent

De Vroedt & Thierry is an executive search firm renowned for its innovative perspective on talent. Knowledge quickly becomes outdated as a result of technological advances and digitalization. This does not only impact companies, but also the people who work there. IQ, experience and knowledge are by no means trivial, but nonetheless insufficient in tomorrow’s world. ‘Agile talent’ is a solution for companies looking to become and remain future proof.

The necessity of agile talent

The selection criteria of today cannot meet the challenges presented by tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Agile talent is key in this respect. Validating and objectifying the selection process is simply becoming more relevant. It is a prerequisite for guaranteeing our clients future success.

The art of talent retention

The importance of agile talent is increasing. At the same time, talent has shown a tendency for diminished loyalty to employers and the costs for recruitment and selection are on the rise due to a growing employment market. These are among several reasons that our clients have an increased demand for improved predictability of the future success of candidates.

Issues concerning new selection criteria

Issues that our clients face in this regard include:

  • ?What are the selection criteria for future proof talent, which will allow us to achieve the company objectives of tomorrow?
  • How can I recognize agile talent within my company? What can I do to increase the likelihood of retaining these talents for my organization?
  • Are there case studies of companies that are at the vanguard of these developments, from which we as an organization can learn from?
  • How can I structure my selection process for future talent in order to diminish my dependence on external consultants?

‘HR agility scan’ of employees & management

De Vroedt & Thierry’s partners and consultants can help you conduct an HR agility scan. This tool reveals whether your management is future proof and has the skill set required to meet the challenges presented by tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Do you have a clear picture of your current workforce?

What do I have now?
What do I need NOW?
What will I need in a later stage?

De Vroedt & Thierry can advise you on the selection criteria of the future, based on scientific research, which have a greater predictive value for success.

De Vroedt & Thierry: extensive knowledge of agile talent

De Vroedt & Thierry possesses the latest knowledge of agile talent. We are capable of incorporating the selection criteria of the near future in our (executive) searches. Furthermore, we can impart our knowledge to you, in order to optimize the selection process within your organization.


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