Our ambition:

making companies future proof


De Vroedt & Thierry supports clients in a professional, efficient and effective manner. We apply creative solutions in the field of executive search and leadership consulting, have extensive experience in the trade and employ our vast (inter)national network.

Solutions for predicting future success

Over the years we have acquired thorough insight into selection processes. Moreover, we are committed to staying informed of the latest developments in artificial intelligence and employ advanced digital resources, allowing us to verify findings from the selection procedure. We offer solutions to improve the predicted future success of candidates and advance the performance of our clients.

The challenge: Technology and digitalization

Globalization, digitalization and change are increasingly shaping the world. The rate of technological change not linear, it is exponential. Technological developments are reducing the lifecycle of business models and companies that fail to continue to innovate have significantly lower lifespans.

Making organizations future proof

The impact of technology and digitalization on companies is enormous. In order to ensure continuity, a willingness to embrace change and adaptability are vital. However, it is only through the people who work there that companies can become future-proof. One aspect of the solution is the deployment of ‘agile talent’ (future proof and nimble).

The solution: Agile talent

‘Agile talent’ allows companies to adapt to the significantly changing world around them and meet the challenges presented by the future. As an executive search and leadership consulting firm, De Vroedt & Thierry possesses up-to-date expertise in this area. This is reflected by our books, including the recently published ‘Agile talent, 9 crucial steps in the selection of tomorrow’s top talent’, our columns and further publications.


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