De Vroedt & Thierry stand for

cooperation based on equality and reciprocity


From the outset De Vroedt & Thierry has prioritized creativity and quality. Therefore, De Vroedt & Thierry exclusively works with partners and consultants with a proven track record in leading or managing companies, and demand that our employees have a genuine interest in the ambitions, motives and character traits of the talents and clients in our network.

The DNA of our employees

De Vroedt & Thierry’s employees thoroughly explore the business case and context of your organization. Based on the competencies, (primary) social motives and personality traits of potential candidates, an assessment is made of whether a candidate qualifies for the position in question. This work calls for a naturally inquisitive and receptive attitude, both a prerequisite for success in this field and for working at De Vroedt & Thierry.

Relationship with candidates and clients

The relationship with clients and candidates is characterized by equality and reciprocity. This means that we must have on-board talent ourselves in order to effectively comprehend and adjust to the changing market circumstances that our clients face. Moreover, it is essential that we are capable of selecting the appropriate talent in an objective and validated manner (see the executive search page).


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