40 years experience in executive search including

sr. management, board- and supervisory board members

Executive Search

De Vroedt & Thierry operates within a broad work field in the executive search sector. We service our clients by selecting qualified talent in a host of disciplines, which include: general management, financial management, HR management, marketing & sales management, ICT/digitalization, procurement management, etc. We strive to prepare our clients for the challenges of the future by selecting qualified talent.

Executive search process

Our vision is that executive search entails more than finding the most talented candidate per se, it is about finding talent suited to a particular context. That is why we start every (executive) search by thoroughly reviewing the client’s specific circumstances and situation. We use this ‘context scan’ to achieve an in-depth understanding of the following aspects:

  • the organizational culture
  • the organization’s present stage
  • the current strategy
  • the objectives
  • immediate colleagues

Our strength

In order to forge beneficial and sound partnerships with our clients, we ourselves must employ only the very best. Our staff has been meticulously selected on their knowledge, personality and attitude. They are not easily convinced and tend to to ask the questions behind the questions. This approach and attitude is vital to doing our job well and offering our clients genuine added value.

Methods for the executive search selection process

Our office selects candidates by means of the competency-based interview method, which was originally developed in the United States and guarantees objectification of the selection process. We have created a feedback form to document the principal competencies, character traits and motives for every specific search. Candidate interview results are relayed by means of a tailored management summary.

Nine steps in the search process

Within our executive search firm, we apply the four eyes principle. This means that there are two partners and/or consultants involved in every search. The entire search process consists of nine systematic steps in three stages: preparation, selection and verification. This selection process is described in detail in our latest book ‘De 9 cruciale stappen bij de selectie van Agile Talent’ (The 9 Crucial Steps for the Selection of Agile Talent, published by Business Contact, author: Ralf Knegtmans).

Technological developments

In addition to the extensive experience of our partners and consultants, the application of our objectification methods and our specific practices concerning reference inquiries, we continue to stay on top of the latest technological developments within our field. As a result of a number of strategic partnerships, we have an arsenal of contemporary, validated assessment and test systems at our disposal.

Predictability of future success

We also adopt the latest digital technology in our selection processes. Examples include big data analyses, algorithms aimed at identifying leadership competencies and artificial intelligence software. These developments force us to constantly evaluate and align the selection process. We also have access to a vast range of methods in order to significantly increase the predictability of the future success of candidates.

Future: synthesis of search and organizational advice

Our conviction is that the executive search sector will see further professionalization over the coming years. The (executive) search and business consulting fields will converge and intertwine. Our partners and consultants will act as both advisors and sparring partners for our clients in this regard.


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