Founded in 1976 by Johan de Vroedt en Joan Thierry

operating in the field of executive search and leadership consulting


De Vroedt & Thierry was founded in 1976 and has operated in the field of executive search and leadership consulting ever since. Forty years ago, Johan de Vroedt and Joan Thierry founded their ‘position consultancy for senior management’. Based on the conviction that companies perform better with excellent talent at the helm, De Vroedt & Thierry quickly obtained a unique position in the domestic market.

Visible and respected due to a successful approach

The creativity and quality demonstrated by De Vroedt & Thierry in finding candidates for senior management, board and supervisory board positions quickly earned the firm visibility and respect. Even back then, the firm proved itself a trusted partner for a diverse client base, including:

  • Stock market listed companies
  • Family businesses
  • Private equity funds
  • Cultural and public/private institutions
  • Boards of Directors
  • NGOs

Change of directions in 2009

In 2009 De Vroedt & Thierry pursued a new direction following its takeover by Ralf Knegtmans. Starting in 2010, Knegtmans, in collaboration with his business partner Mark Steinen and the rest of the staff, further developed the firm and established it as a reliable and high-quality knowledge center for executive search and leadership consulting.


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