The products and services of De Vroedt & Thierry include

executive search and leadership consulting

Products & Services

De Vroedt & Thierry has been specialized in executive search and leadership consulting for forty years. Our services are used for a diverse range of disciplines and positions, including:

  • General management (CEO, COO, business unit manager)
  • Financial management (CFO, audit, control, M&A, etc.)
  • Human resources (chief HRO, VP HR, Reward C&B, MD, etc.)
  • Sales- & marketing management (CCO, sales director, CMO)
  • Communication positions (VP Communications, internal/external communication, PR)
  • ICT (CIO, chief digital officer)
  • Procurement positions (CPO)

Within our field, executive search and organizational advice have proven to become increasingly intertwined. De Vroedt & Thierry attunes to these developments and has relevant and up-to-date knowledge, for example in issues concerning modern ‘governance’ and the future-proofing of organizations.

Overview of our services and products

Our firm has defined a pallet of products and services, including:

  • Executive search
  • Leadership consulting
    • Advice on leadership and related topics
    • Governance (topics related to supervision and management)
    • Executive Board and Board of Director evaluations (including digitalization of governance and management)
    • Agile talent (how can you identify, select and retain future-proof talent?)
  • Diversity scan & subscription (based on features such as gender and cultural background)
  • Assessment
  • Executive coaching
  • Executive onboarding of talent


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