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Jacques Kuyf

Jacques Kuyf is a strategic consultant and manager with an extensive track record in the corporate, marketing and media arenas. In the nineties, he stood at the helm of marketing and advertising consultancy firm FHV/BBDO, and until 2005 he was CEO of the FD Media Group. In that period, he headed one of the first publishing companies to make the transition from print to digital multimedia (including such exemplary Dutch brands as Het Financieele Dagblad, BNR Nieuwsradio and Company Info). Over the past years, Kruyf furthermore served as sector chair for NDP Nieuwsmedia, and until 2016, he was CCO of Stage Entertainment (until its acquisition by CVC Capital Management).

In recent years, he has combined his managerial, strategic and conceptual talents and his expertise to tackle and guide both organizational and commercial challenges from a specific company perspective.

He recently became a partner at De Vroedt & Thierry. He combines these activities with a number of supervisory board memberships, investment projects and consultancy services.


“In today’s world, there are no more stable business cases. The market is subject to major technological, social and administration-related change. That requires a future-proof strategy from both executive management and supervisory board members. It is becoming increasingly vital that organizations are capable of retaining ‘agile’ talent, allowing them to take nimble, alert and conceptual action. This also calls for trade specialists who are able to maintain a clear focus on the final objective. Within those executive and supervisory boards, it is crucial that talent, diversity and professionalism go hand in hand. A professional organization such as De Vroedt & Thierry also benefits from such digital technologies, complementary to the perceptions of the partners and consultants, in order to achieve a predictive value concerning the overall success of a potential candidate. However, when the strategy and the setting in which a candidate is expected to perform are clearly defined, based on my background and experience, this further promotes a more targeted selection process. That is why my primary focus will be on issues and assignments related to governance and management of organizations.”

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