Luc PetersAssociate partner

Luc Peters

Luc is an (associate) partner at De Vroedt & Thierry. In addition, Luc invests and advises several start-ups and has a broad background in operational management, legal, corporate and media.

Luc studied law at the University of Utrecht and in 2000, he started working as a deputy civil-law notary at Allen & Overy’s international law firm. He then entered the business community by participating in the growth of the international television production house Eyework, from 2005 to 2012. In 2012 he started working for SBS Broadcasting where he remained on the board as COO until the summer of 2017.


“Over the course of my career, I experienced and learned how important it is to form the right team. A team that is diverse and fits within the context of a company and that can handle the future. This mainly requires selecting and hiring people who have the ability to turn new experiences into effective behavior. People who can respond effectively to new challenges, are able to give and receive feedback and have a so-called ‘growth mindset’.

No business or business case is the same and all will be subject to enormous change over time. This is precisely why a good fit between a candidate and role / position is so crucial. It is imperative to understand the wishes, culture and context of the company while clearly understanding the personal characteristics of a candidate, or employee, because that is where someone in a team is going to make the difference. On paper, a person can appear to fit perfectly into a particular function however, ‘not every place you fit in, is where you belong …..’

Therefore, it is of great importance to make the best possible match between the client, his context and backgrounds on the one hand and the candidate and his or her ‘want, ability and being’ on the other hand. “

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