Nancy Powers KoledaConsultant

Nancy Powers Koleda

Nancy Powers Koleda was born and raised in Washington DC (USA). She earned her bachelor degree in Anthropology and Sociology from Randolph Macon Womans College in Virginia. Motivated by her passion for other cultures, in 2000 Nancy seized the opportunity to come to the Netherlands to advance her professional career when she was asked by the international Young Entrepreneurs Organization to set up the European branch of this (global) ‘peer to peer’ network of successful young entrepreneurs.

During this period, she developed a sharp instinct for quality in management and leadership. She particularly values those professionals capable of bringing out the best in themselves and inspiring others to do the same, people with vision, purpose and assertiveness, and the ability to rally enthusiasm.

Recently, Nancy also founded her own company – Nanny Green – which imports and sells exclusive, sustainable children’s products from the United States. She is committed to providing premium quality to her clients, which includes a dedication to offering the highest level of service levels and customization. She has furthermore helped several new entrepreneurs build their business with advice concerning their business development, marketing and sales strategy.


Based on her experience in working with and supporting a wide range of (international) entrepreneurs and businesses, she understands that customized solutions and a client-focused approach are crucial. By listening closely and through sharp analysis of a client’s needs, you will attract the right top talent for the company and increase the likelihood of retention. “I enjoy delving deep into my client’s organization in order to map out a detailed survey of the organizational structure, company culture and the issues at hand. Only when you achieve true insight into your client’s context can you select the appropriate talent. In addition to the tools that we have at our disposal at De Vroedt & Thierry which help us validate and objectify future-proof talent, I apply my instincts and my understanding of human nature to make the right match.”

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