De Vroedt & Thierry advises clients

to prepare them for the changing world


De Vroedt & Thierry works for a wide range of organizations, including stock market listed companies, family businesses, private equity funds, cultural and public/private institutions and NGOs. The common denominator of these organizations is that they seek to improve their business case and management by attracting top talent.

Search support for our business partners

De Vroedt & Thierry has over forty years’ expertise in executive search. We support our clients by means of searches for future-proof talent and assist them to adapt to the new status quo. If necessary, we also advise clients on improving their selection processes so that they may enjoy greater independence from external consultants.

Prevalent client issues

Our clients are faced with issues such as:

  • How do I find the right people in a world that is changing faster than ever, and where acquired expertise and experience quickly lose their value?
  • What are the selection criteria for future-proof or agile talent, which will allow us to achieve our business goals of tomorrow?
  • Which reliable and valid tools or resources can our business employ in order to improve and objectify the selection of future-proof talent?
  • How can we meet society’s demand for diversity in organizations?
  • What is the impact of technological developments and digitalization on governance and management?
  • How do we find and retain future-proof talent and ensure sound continuity?

Market developments translated into service package

We believe that the current market requires a product and service package that is aligned with the above matters and other fundamental issues (in addition to providing an excellent primary service level). This is why the De Vroedt & Thierry team has produced a service package for the leadership consulting and executive search field, befitting contemporary and result-oriented business practices.


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