Book ‘Agile Talent – Nine Essentials Steps for Selecting Tomorrow’s Top Talent’.

The world is changing rapidly. Under the influence of technological developments, what is common today will be outdated tomorrow. This finding not only has a major impact on companies, but also on the people who work for them. Selection based primarily on credentials, skills and knowledge will no longer suffice. It is essential that you come to know your potential hires – who they are and what motivates them.

Built on hands-on experience, deep reading and research in the field and his interviews with visionary CEOs and frontline experts, Managing Partner Ralf Knegtmans offers nine essential steps companies need to follow to select tomorrow’s top talent. On the basis of this, everyone can identify and select the best talents with a large sustainability factor, even without the help of external consultants.

Translated into English, Polish and Chinese (Chinese translation will be released this fall).

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