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Tech & Scale-ups


Tech & Scale-ups

Along with start-ups, tech companies and scales-ups are a driving force of innovation in the Netherlands and play an important role in the Dutch economy. In the Netherlands, we are known for having a well educated workforce (with a good grasp of the English language) and an open culture which supports entrepreneurship. These elements help contribute to the fact that we are considered one of the top locations for tech companies and scale-ups in Europe.

For many tech companies, regaining the public’s trust by improving their image and addressing the privacy crisis is an ongoing issue, thus leading to more difficulty in recruiting top talent. For scales-up’s, raising the funds needed for further expansion is not the only critical challenge. Equally important is creating a stronger, more hands-on and focused workforce.

With our keen approach to finding top talent who can operate successfully in dynamic and fast changing professional environments, as can be expected in the tech and scale-up world, De Vroedt & Thierry is an ideal partner. Our firm has filled key positions within a number of these companies in recent years.

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