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Ralf Knegtmans is Managing Partner and co-owner of De Vroedt & Thierry. Before his career at De Vroedt & Thierry, Knegtmans was active as Commercial Director of a listed American firm in the field of flexible work. Ralf Knegtmans studied law in Amsterdam, and followed post-academic education at Nyenrode Business University (Business Administration) and at the IMD in Lausanne (Marketing). He is fascinated by talent, diversity and leadership and closely follows developments in these areas.

Over the past 10 years, he has published five management books:

  • Top talent: The 9 Universal Criteria of Top Talent (Boom Publishers) (Only available in Dutch)
  • Diversity as a Challenge: The Sense and Nonsense of Diverse Talent (Boom Publishers) (Only available in Dutch)
  • How do you become CEO? About Skills, Personality Traits and Motivational Needs (Publisher Bertram & De Leeuw) (Only available in Dutch)
  • Agile Talent. Nine Essentials Steps for Selecting Tomorrow’s Top Talent (Uitgeverij Business Contact)
  • Leadership in the Digital World. Preparing for Tomorrow (co-production of Ylva Poelman and Ralf Knegtmans (Publisher Vakmedianet). Soon to be published in English.

For these books, Ralf Knegtmans interviewed CEOs, supervisory board members, scientists and practice leaders at home and abroad. People like Indra Nooyi, Ben Verwaayen, Feike Sijbesma, Frans van Houten, Wouter Kolk, Jaap Winter, Jesse Jackson, Bernard Wientjes, Coen van Oostrom, Herna Verhagen and many others collaborated and provided inspiring contributions.

In recent years, Ralf Knegtmans has regularly contributed to Managementboek Magazine (www.managementboek.nl), Business News Radio (www.bnr.nl), Management Team (www.mt.nl), De Financiële Telegraaf, NUzakelijk (www.nuzakelijk.nl) and FD.nl as a columnist. In addition, Ralf has provided guest lectures for comapanies and universities at home and abroad (SpeakersAcademy, Nyenrode, Tias, Harvard Business Review etc.). For bookings or speaking engagements, guest lectures, etc., please contact our office.

Ralf’s vision
‘Based on experience in our practice and the research conducted for my management books on talent and leadership, I am convinced that the success, or otherwise, of (executive) talent is strongly determined by situation and context. Therefore, in our day-to-day work, my colleagues and I put extensive effort into mapping out the strategy, culture and challenges of the specific context within the company for our customers before we create job profiles and conduct focused interviews.

With each candidate selection my colleagues and I not only involve IQ, knowledge and experience (necessary, but not sufficient), we also look at the motivational needs and personality traits of talented candidates. Because the world is rapidly changing and companies need to become future proof, we incorporate candidates’ learning agility and adaptability in our selection by including validated test systems into our process.’



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De Boelelaan 32
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Email: info@devroedtenthierry.nl


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